This is the unique cooking tool derived from our “Scoop” canoe paddle design. It lit the spark for our continuing research into the fluid dynamics of cooking.

●      The grain is straight and the blade is open ended to prevent cracking
●      The handle is solid and oval for additional strength
●      The flat edge uniformly sweeps the sides of pot
●      The curved interior edge hugs sides and bottom of bowl
●      Narrow enough to scoop out little tomato paste cans
●      Beats batter gently or and mixes heavy bread dough
●      Great for making muffins (especially in tandem with the Better Spreader).

(left- or right-handed)

25 cm / 10 in. CAD$25.00
28 cm / 11 in. CAD$27.00
30 cm / 12 in. CAD$29.00
36 cm / 14 in. CAD$32.00
41 cm / 16 in. CAD$36.00       

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