One of our best-appreciated primary tools — because everybody stirs something.

  • Gives juices, sauces, and dressings a quick spin.
  • Sweeps pot sides evenly as sauces thicken.
  • Blends lumps out of porridge and gravy.
  • Pokes into tall bottles or starts a new ketchup.
  • Navigates around blades of blenders.
  • Fetches a pinch of spice from a narrow jar.
  • Blends natural nut butters without mess.
  • Displaces very little when mixing.

(left- or right-handed)

30 cm / 12 in. CAD$19.50
36 cm / 14 in. CAD$21.50
41 cm / 16 in. CAD$26.00     

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