We dip each paddle in beeswax and food-grade mineral oil. Our beeswax and mineral oil polish has been formulated to season the Mapleware® properly. It penetrates deep into the wood, displacing moisture to help prevent cracking and reduce staining. Some residue of surface polish remains on the utensils until first washed at home.

Some natural discolouration of the wood is to be expected when cooking foods like tomatoes, curry, or berries. This does not harm the beneficial properties of the maple or transfer flavours to other foods. Most stains go away with repeated washings, but paddles tend to average out at a certain colour. Pre-treating the utensils with the polish before using can help prevent staining, but many people prefer to dedicate a paddle to a favorite recipe like raspberry jam.


40 ML / 1.3 oz CAD$11.50         
180 ML / 8 oz. CAD$25.00

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