Why Swip?

    SwipStix are the utensil for our times.

    For vegetarian, Asian, and fusion foods.
    Superior handling of bite-sized portions.
    Artful plating and de-plating.

    Heightens the pleasure of eating.

    Flexible and nimble.
    Embraces food gently.
    Feels great in the mouth.
    Feels warm in the hand.
    Prolongs taste.

    Easy and elegant handling.

    Shares gracefully.
    Extends your reach beautifully.
    Nimbly selects, sweeps, and separates.
    Cuts the clatter of cutlery.


    BPA free. 
    Small energy footprint.
    Durable and dishwasher safe.
    Reusable and recyclable.
    Made responsibly in Canada.

    How To Swip

    How To Use SwipStix

    Always keep the Swip grip clean until you are finished eating:

    • Sit SwipStix right-side up on the table; or
    • Point the beak down on the edge of the plate.
    • Avoid touching food with your swipping hand.
    • When finished, rest the Swip, right-side up, on the middle of the plate.

    SwipStix at the Table

    The wonderful thing about this flexible, nimble eating tool is that you can place it where it looks best or where it is easiest to reach. Swipping is part of an evolving etiquette that lends itself to many settings and situations. Be creative! Just consider elbow room and eye appeal when setting the table.

    The Swip is sanitary. It sits upright with its tip in the air. Right-side-up, it does NOT touch the table or tablecloth.


    • Social Swip: in a vase in the middle of the table.
    • Elegant Swip: at the top of the plate.
    • Useful Swip: holding a napkin.
    • Well-Balanced Swip: across the top of a bowl.
    • Ambidextrous Swip: left or right side of a placemat.


    Swips retail for $35 CDN for a set of 2.

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